dinner menu

small plates

brussels sprouts | 12

bacon vinaigrette, pickled shallots, asher bleu cheese

blackened brie | 14

yuzu marmalade, rustic bread, seasonal fruit, candied pecans

tuna sushimi | 17

cucumber, jasmine rice espuma, chili oil, pickled ginger, soy

short rib bao | 13

korean bbq, cucumber, carrot, radish

tempura shrimp | 16

harissa & honey glaze, feta mousse, mint chermoula

charcuterie | 25

selection of meats, cheeses, jam, mustard, pickled seasonal vegetables, rustic bread

lobster poutine | 18

house cut fries, cold water lobster, local cheese curds, lobster gravy

pimento cheese fritters | 11

bacon marmalade, bravas sauce

soup & salad

lobster bisque | 10

soup de jour | 9

wedge salad | 12

iceburg, cherry tomatoes, bleu cheese, bacon, chives, bleu cheese dressing

caesar | 12

parmesan, herbed croutons, lemon

house | 12

mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, garlic croutons, cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, sharp cheddar

harvest salad | 12

spinach, feta cheese, red onion, cranberries, candied pecans, bacon vinaigrette

Large plates

salmon | 24

scallion jasmine rice, french green beans, soy caramel

whole north georgia trout | 29

carrots, asparagus, caper meniere sauce

fried chicken | 22

mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, country gravy

short rib | 24

korean bbq, jasmine rice, brussels sprout kimchi

shrimp aglio e olio | 29

tagliatelle, ga white shrimp, evoo, garlic, parsley, lemon

seasonal garden bowl | 24

farro, onion sweet potato, mushroom, pickled beets, haricots verts, feta cheese, herbed citrus vinaigrette

Kitchen steak house

All our cuts are 100% certified angus beef

beef wellington | friday & saturday only | 58

mashed potatoes, asparagus, red wine veal demi                                   limited quantities please reserve ahead of time   

8 oz. filet mignon | 48

14 oz. ribeye prime | 59

12 oz. n.y. strip prime | 51

Choose your set up


yukon mashed potatoes, french green beans, red wine demi, matrie D butter


house cut fries, parmesan, herbs, au poivre sauce, bleu cheese truffle butter

signature | +10

lobster mac & cheese, grilled asparagus, lobster butter


grilled shrimp(5) |12, scallops(2) |19, butter poached lobster |28, bleu cheese crust |4, horseradish |3, grilled onions |4, sauteed mushrooms |5